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Kurset er individuell kun for personer med negle erfaring. Du kan betale med kort, fakturering, delbetaling med Klarna. Har du spørsmål? Kontakt oss ved bestilling for å velge betalingsmetode og kurs dato.

Pro Gel System Course 2 days

Pro Gel System courses provide both theoretical and practical teaching, with a focus on practice. After this course you will be awarded an international diploma Pro Gel System Manicure. You also get business and social media (Instagram, Facebook) coaching. On the course you learn the basic molding techniques in gel (gel nails).

Get to know the brands we use in the saloons
The gel method - explanation
The anatomy of the natural nail
The nails and its functions
Nail diseases and contraindications for the gel method
Product description of gels and brushes
Explanation of curing time for gel using different LED / UV lamps
Hygiene in the salon
Disinfection and sterilization
Overview of e-file
Overview of different bits
Step-by-step overview of cleaning and preparing the nail plate for gel application using e-file

Preparation of the nail plate for gel styling using an e-file
Gel nail structure
Explanation of different nail shapes (almond, square, coffin)
Step-by-step overview of extension templates for different nail shapes
Steps for filling gel nails
Application of color under the cuticle
Pictures of nails for art portfolio
How to take photos on Instagram / Facebook
Removal and refilling of gel nails
Repetition before the exam
The exam of e-file and pro gel manicure
Awarding of diplomas

The course is individual only and for everyone with nail experience.
We offer payments by card, invoicing, partial payment with Klarna. Contact us to choose a payment method and individual course dates.

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