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Kurset er individuell kun for personer med negle erfaring. Du kan betale med kort, fakturering, delbetaling med Klarna. Har du spørsmål? Kontakt oss ved bestilling for å velge betalingsmetode og kurs dato.

Business Coaching in the Beauty Industry course provides practical knowledge that is necessary to have when starting out for yourself.

We teach you:

Social Media:

How to use social media such as Instagram or Facebook for business.

How to create a professional Instagram / Facebook account.

How to build a professional portfolio.

How you can earn more from using social media.

How to create professional photos / video / instastories.

How to use different apps to create advertisements for yourself.

How should you create professional advertisements on social media and in old paper editions.

What sales tricks can you use on social media.

How should you use social media to be able to see what kind of customer group is interested in your treatments.

Market analysis.


How should you run a professional website www.

How should you use Online booking / Cash register system.

How will you manage to build up your own price list for treatment / products.

How to create a professional logo.

Find a professional business name.

How to make professional business cards.

How will you manage to earn more from selling additional products.

How should you make discounts in the right way and what should you avoid.

How are you going to build up a good customer base?

In addition, we help you with:

Open your own business.

Open your own company's bank account.

Purchase of terminal.

Training in terminal use.

Professional website www with the booking system.

Customer service:

How should you talk to different customers.

What should you talk about with customers and what is best to avoid.

What should you say when the phone rings?

In addition, we help you with:

How are you going to lock in different problems that will appear along the way in a business.

How to handle different situations in a professional manner.

How should you work with a difficult customer.

How will you work with your immediate environment.

How to avoid natural mistakes most people make when starting a business.


Image is your business card. The first 5 seconds are very important. The people we meet judge us based on what they see, so it is very important how we look and how we want to present ourselves.

We want our course participants to become the best version of themselves, so we have created a bonus in this course:

We will help you with your Image.

Hair / Make-up – Adapted to the shape of the face.

Dress Code – Adapted to your figure.

How to choose accessories adapted to you.

Understanding of colors and how to use them.

We will teach you how to present yourself in the right way.

We will take professional photos that you can use on your website and social media.

Our participants receive our certificate, both during and after they have finished the course.

We appreciate you immensely and we are very grateful that you choose us!


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